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We specialize in the replacement and repair of three tab asphalt, architectural shingles and cedar shakes...

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Do you need to replace or install new gutters? find out how affordable it can be....

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Gutter cleaning:

If you have trees nearby your house, you sure have the gutter system clogged.

If you neglect to clean the gutters water can leak to the interior of your house.... 

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Aluminum wrapping

Make your house look more beautiful and water proof by wrapping the fascia and rake boards...

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Welcome to DiegoRoofing.com

Diego Roofing has more than a decade of experience in the roofing trade. Our team is located in Silver Spring Maryland but, we serve the entire Washington metropolitan area. We offer a range of services such as the construction of gutter systems, gutter cleaning, aluminum wrapping and residential roofing. All our staff is highly qualified but, what make us different from the rest is our friendly, straight customer care.

We appreciate your business, for all your roofing needs give us a call at:

Tel: (240) 464 - 1354

Completed Projects


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Attic ventilation

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Pipe Collars

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Drip edge

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