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About us

DiegoRoofing.com has been providing a wide range of roofing services in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area since 1999. We are dedicated to providing superior workmanship and excellent one-on-one customer service.

What make us different from the rest is our on-field experience. There is not an act of magic to realize how good or  bad the roof deck might be, it is not an easy task to knowing it. That's why  we always go up to your roof for a complete inspection. For DiegoRoofing.com every project, large or small is a priority. We don't just use a calculator to give you a tricky original price. That is the reason why we pride ourselves on maintaining an outstanding reputation.

You can rely on us for all your roof projects from small repairs, new roof or complete roof replacement.

Why hiring us?

There are several reasons for what people hire a professional roofer:

Your roof is leaking; your roof is old and is notorious that needs to be replaced before any damage occur. Sometimes you decide to have a new roof done in order to complete your home remodeling project; it will not only add property value to your home but also will make it look much better and you’ll feel proud of it as soon as you get home every day.

Choosing the right roofer is the first step. DiegoRoofing.com is a small crew of “On-Field and On-Manuals” experienced roofers that can help you either to stop a leak or for a complete roof replacement. We are always committed to our client’s satisfaction, to do so; we explain every detail from the beginning. A quality roof system must meet certain
requirements, if your roof does not have all the components working together; it might not qualify as an Integrity Roof System. In DiegoRoofing.com we take special care and follow the appropriate methods of installation according to the manufacturer of shingles.

Hiring the right roofer does not mean hiring the company that has more ads on TV or the newspaper. It is common that you sign the contract to somebody who demonstrates skills and experience in the roofing trade (salesman) but, your roof is done by unskilled workers or learners. In DiegoRoofing.com we pride ourselves of having status of Master Shingle Applicator; it is a proof to you that your roof will be completed with professionalism and by skilled people.



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